Self Healing Cloud Servers

All shared and Reseller accounts are setup on a Self Healing Cloud Server. Each Cloud Server is made up of a large cluster of hypervisors, each providing processing power, RAM and storage space to the resource pool. Data is stored and replicated across multiple nodes on an internal secure network. If a problem is detected with your hypervisor a "hot migration" is automatically performed and another hypervisor continues serving your website with zero disruption.


CloudFlare accelerates your website's loading speed up to 30% by delivering the content on it through a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This expands your website's global reach, ensuring that people from different locations around the world who visit your website experience faster page loading speeds.


CloudLinux ensures increased server stability and more efficient use of server resources. Never again will a malfunctioning script or abusive user cause the entire server and your website to be slowed down.

Instant Setup

We automate all our sign ups so the moment we receive your payment, your account is automatically setup by our system.


All our Shared and Reseller Hosting Servers are LiteSpeed powered and is up to 9 times faster than Apache or 3 times faster when running in SSL. If your website is PHP intensive, expect performance to increase by over 50%.

One Click Installer

We provide you with Softaculous to easily install popular scripts on your website. Even if you have no prior knowledge of coding, you can install blogs, forums, polls and much more with the ease of a click.

Daily Backups

We recognize the importance of having a proper files backup system. All our Shared and Reseller Hosting servers employ Acronis to backup your data once a day to a remote server to be stored for a month. This ensures that your data is always safe in the unlikely event of a server problem. If you wish to restore data yourself because you have lost your files, you can click the 'Acronis Backup' button within cPanel to view and restore them automatically.

Redundant DNS

We employ DNS from various geographical locations to increase redundancy.


All accounts have Imunify360 access from the control panel. Imunify360 offers 6 layer security to web servers with firewall, malware detection, proactive defense, patch management, reputation management and intrusion detection and protection system. Your web site and files will be safe and secure.